MAAS+JUJU+KVM to create Kubernetes cluster

I’m trying to use MAAS+JUJU to deploy kubernetes into KVM. My host is running on ubuntu 20.04 and I’m basing my config off of I want my KVM to share the IP space of my lab network ( I created a bridge interface with the following config:

      dhcp4: false
      dhcp6: false
      interfaces: [ enp4s0 ]
      addresses: []
      mtu: 1500
        addresses: []
        stp: true
        forward-delay: 0
      dhcp4: no
      dhcp6: no
  version: 2

Launching a VM manually results in an IP that can reach the rest of the network and can be reached by the rest of the network. I next deployed MAAS and added KVM. I also enabled DHCP on my default subnet. When I create a VM with PXE enabled, the boot process starts, but eventually fails and reboots. When I try to compose a VM from MAAS I get:

Pod unable to compose machine: Please add a 'default' or 'maas' network whose bridge is on a MAAS DHCP enabled VLAN. Ensure that libvirt DHCP is not enabled.

any ideas?

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i figured this out. Turned out the network in libvirtd had to be named either maas or default. Once I did that this error went away

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