MAAS + JUJU + K8s setup fails due to DNS

Hi All, I’m new to MAAS and wanted to explore it’s functionalities for my team’s infrastructure management. I was following this YouTube link on setting MAAS, configuring it with juju to setup Kubernetes and Ceph. - Baremetal kubernetes tutorial with MAAS and Juju

Most of the initial steps were successful. I was able to setup MAAS and create VMs through LXD Host [mentioned in the video]. However, when I initiated the JUJU Bootstrap request, it hung. On further debugging, I identified the VMs created through MAAS were unable to resolve any external DNS. I’m able to ping, but can’t ping in the VMs. I’m getting the error - “Temporary failure in name resolution”.

My nslookup is failing with error - “;; communications error to timed out”. Also, none of the apt-get update/upgrade works within those VMs.

I’m able to do all of these from the host machine (the one on which MAAS and LXD is setup). Also, if I stop MAAS and create VMs on LXD manually, the issue is not seen. This made me strongly believe that there is something wrong with MAAS DNS configuration, mainly for external domains like Greatly appreciate any help!!!

MAAS Version : 3.4.2-14353-g.5a5221d57
LXD Version : 5.21.1-2d13beb
Host Machine OS : Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS