MAAS, Juju, containers ending up with IPv6 addresses


Got a problem with Maas or Juju, or the combination of them?

When I commissioned nodes, the nodes pick up IPv6 addresses. Despite Maas rackd, is configured NOT to do dhcp6.

I then remove the IPv6 subnet from the nodes, ensuring that the node only has IPv4 subnets and fabrics.

At this point, I’d like to remove the IPv6 subnet that maas created, but I can’t, as there are ‘nodes’ connected to it. So, I changed the “managed allocation” to disabled.

If I look at the rackd controller, it does not register that the IPv6 network is associated with it.

Anyway, the problem that originally brought me here is then when do deployments on these nodes. The OS is deployed nicely, grabbing an IPv4 address. But, if I deploy containers there, those end up with IPv6 addresses.

Any pointers would be appreciated.


Make sure that there isnt a DHCP6 on your LAN.

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