MAAS issue when power on machine

I’am having issue on power on machine via UI or cli. I’m using version 2.7 of MAAS.
Here is the maas topology.

One region controller in central DC, and multiple rackd in remote office (one per office).
Each rack controller delivers image. One subnet, one fabric, no vlan per office.

So, when i want to poweron machine via WebUI, it’s never the good rack controller associated with the subnet that launched the request, so the operation failed. I use a custom powerdriver based on old wakeonlan driver.

To complete the discussion, how the region controller selects the rackd controller ?

MAAS tries to figure out what rack controller to use based on the power address of the BMC. MAAS checks if the power address is on a subnet MAAS manages, if so a rack controller on that subnet is used. If MAAS can’t determine what subnet the power address is on it sends the request to all rack controllers.

wakeonlan works by sending an arp request over the network using the BMC’s MAC address. Since MAAS has no way to map a MAC address to a subnet it will send the request to all rack controllers. We don’t have a wakeonlan power driver in MAAS because of this and there is no way confirm monitor the machines power status or turn it off.

ok, i modified my custom power driver and now it’s ok. Thanks for the explanations

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