MAAS is now failing to commission KVM VMs

For some reason, MAAS is now failing to commission KVM VMs on any of the nodes.

“Marking node failed - Node operation ‘Commissioning’ timed out after 30 minutes.”

The logs tab is empty. Events produces this:

|Sat, 29 Aug. 2020 08:53:47|Node changed status - From 'Commissioning' to 'Failed commissioning'|
|  Sat, 29 Aug. 2020 08:53:47|Marking node failed - Node operation 'Commissioning' timed out after 30 minutes.|
|  Sat, 29 Aug. 2020 08:23:00|Node powered on|
|  Sat, 29 Aug. 2020 08:22:55|Powering on|
|  Sat, 29 Aug. 2020 08:22:55|Node changed status - From 'New' to 'Commissioning'|
|  Sat, 29 Aug. 2020 08:22:54|Commissioning|
|  Sat, 29 Aug. 2020 08:22:54|User starting node commissioning - (ryan)|

I can see on the actual KVM node that the VM has been created, but MAAS reports it as failed commissioning and I can’t tell what the IP address is as the network tab displays:

Not sure what’s gone wrong here. Using snap MAAS 2.8. Both nodes are the same configuration, is it possible this is a duplicate UUID issue?

MAAS log entries:

2020-08-30T01:19:43.975675+01:00 ubuntu maas.drivers.pod.virsh: [info] mailserver: Successfully attached network device None
2020-08-30T01:19:45.916307+01:00 ubuntu maas.drivers.pod.virsh: [info] mailserver: Successfully set network boot order
2020-08-30T01:19:47.161860+01:00 ubuntu maas.interface: [info] eth0 (physical) on mailserver: IP address automatically unlinked: None:type=AUTO

I solved this by adding dynamic ranges to my subnet. I’m not sure how they were deleted in the first place. There should be better documentation that dynamic ranges are a requirement for enlisting nodes.

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@ryan1336, please feel free to file a doc bug; i’m the doc guy, and it keeps me on my toes! great work, BTW.

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