Maas initramfs wrong parameters

Hi all, is there any way to “tell” MaaS for a machine to boot from a specific interface ? To be more precise I boot with PXE from net1 (ens4f1) with MAC 68:05:ca:36:5c:10 and the system proceed to boot the ephemeral image for deployment but the kernel command line is

[    0.000000] Command line: nomodeset ro root=squash: (......) BOOTIF=01-68:05:ca:36:5c:11

And a little later on is stuck trying to acquire dhcp config from the wrong interface ens4f0 with MAC 68:05:ca:36:5c:11. It finally drops to the initramfs prompt where of course running manually the interface config on the correct interface it gets ip address.

@soumplis, ever get to closure on this one?