MAAS images used for deployment


I am trying to use MAAS to build my arm based cluster and have few questions.

  1. I know that only LTS versions are allowed to be selected as commissioning image. Can this restriction be by-passed? I know it’s just in UI as I hacked it to enable all and it selected a non LTS.
    The newer images have newer kernel and big fixes which are needed in arm at times.
    As of today we still need to use Ubuntu 22.04 even though 23.10 boots fine.

  2. How can one build and use ubuntu image on their own? The reason is again arm fixes in kernel and patches to apply to kernel.


Hi @shantur ,

You can change the commissioning image with

maas admin maas set-config name=commissioning_distro_series value=jammy

for example but you can not use a non-LTS image. There are some checks in the code that prevents you to use such images so you can not bypass them very easily.
However, an hack you might want to try is to change the image metadata in the database and make mantic look like an LTS image but there might be dragons. Here’s the link to the check, you might try to download 22.04 and 23.10 from the candidate stream, look at the 22.04 image metadata in the maasserver_bootresources table, delete it and then make 23.10 to look like 22.04 directly in the database. I don’t know what issues you might face with this hack, but this is the first hack that I have in mind to bypass this.

Regarding the custom ubuntu images to be deployed, you can build your own images with

Hope this helps

Thanks @r00ta

What value should one provide for a custom image?


I edited my post with some more details

@shantur or… if you are using Deb you could actually edit that file removing the check and see what happens if you use mantic as commissioning distro

I just made a quick test with 23.10 and it does not work out of the box for commissioning (amd64). It requires some extra work I think

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@shantur as per message here Cannot deploy Official Ubuntu 22.04 and 18.04 only 20.04 works on multiple maas versions - #17 by rhxto @rhxto is now using 23.10 for commissioning.
You might want to give it a try by patching MAAS as per my previous message

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