maas has no internal internet access-no client side internet access

I am in a split network, I have my maas controller with 2 net cards one points to internet, the other points to the Internal maas network with clients attach( i.e heavy metal)

two thing are happing, 1st I can access the UI at both addresses, internet side and the client side

but non of the clients or heavy metal have internet access, so when I attempt to run juju. I will get errors on both fronts. on the I get a juju time out because it attempts to access the side. (the metal on this side)

and on the, I get a bunch of error, dealing with juju inability to download what it need to run. " bootstrap"

so maas is not resolving it own space, no resolution of its own internal network through to the internet side. and yes dns and dhcp are in maas full control.

otherwise everything run great, machines commission, deploy, etc, etc,etc—ecept no internet, no juju I’m stuck.

I think for your configuration, you need to setup two fabrics:

  • Internet: with a subnet .15.1
  • Local: with a subnet .0.1

In the subnet .15.1 disable: Managed allocation, Active discovery, Proxy access and Allow DNS resolution
In the subnet 0.1 enable: Proxy access and Allow DNS resolution


Did as suggested and got nothing.

Please advise.

The idea was to allow the connection to the Internet through the proxy that incorporates maas.

But I don’t know if the maas proxy allows forwarding from one network to another.


As a Maas user since 12.04, I have never encountered this at all. preceding maas actually after 12.04,- where in 12.04, you needed to manually set it up a NAS. “ when setting up your Ubuntu server” and then setting up MAAS. Then it was changed to where it automatically did everything it needed to do, and worked “out of the box”. I don’t know why they keep changing this why not leave what works and make it better., case in point “” ifconfig “” the “eth0, eth1” simple network naming all removed from recent version of Ubuntu., the way that NAS is set up is now, you need a scientific expedition into ubuntu. So is setting up everything else., word of advise gentlemen, “ if it isn’t broken don’t fix it”

Anyway I have placed a bug report on this I hope someone gets to this… this upgrade has turned into a nightmare. Fast.

Thanks again