MAAS global deployment Supported Model - Question

I have a single maas region control server in a central location behind a firewall.
I then have a rack control server at site 1 on public IP forwarded to private IP and everything is working fine.

I now need to deploy a second site (in fact many sites globally dispersed) with exactly identical IP config as the first site:
Site 1 public IP forward to private IP
Site 2 public IP forward to private IP

So my question is 1, is this supported?

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    2 if it is supported, please point me in the direction of some reference material regarding how to make this config?

I have already tested this config and I am having fabric, subnet, and vlan issues.

Ultimately if looks like maas rack install fine I can see both in the region dashboard but the subnet is where is gets messy.

Appreciate any help!
MAAS SNAP Version 3

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MAAS currently assumes that subnets are globally unique, so if you have two subnets in different locations with the same CIDR, MAAS will think they’re the same.
This could lead to issues as racks will assume they can talk to any host on the same subnet.

Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it.

Not the news I was hoping for but not your fault.

Are there any future plans to create “isolation groups” or “site boundaries” to allow for the same private IP CIDR settings at each site?

We have a global footprint rolling out and each site has exactly the same private IP ranges. the only difference is the public IP (gateway) on a /30 or /32 with a NAT.


@t-n-f, the MAAS team has a features forum. i don’t think they actively scan this forum for actual features. could you repost this over there?