MAAS failing Deploy

Not sure if I put this in the right place. Sorry if not.
First I’m going to explain the setup and then where this is failing.

VM on a KVM host, NOT MAAS managed, Hosting MAAS
Flat network no vlans etc
Physical server, HP EC200A

Initial boot - PXE Boots fine and reaches New status and ready for commission
Commissioning - PXE Boots and completes commissioning, reaches ready
Deploy - PXE boot never gives message “Booting under MAAS direction” Goes to a Grub Prompt instead of booting and installing the software.

  1. Is there anywhere to look to see what is happening
  2. Is there a fix
  3. Am I imagining it and going insane?

@koyetsu, i’m a tech author, not a psychologist, but i’m pretty sure you’re not going crazy. :slight_smile:

most of the time, these things are about mis-configuration of the KVMs.

you might want to see my blog on this, or check out the MAAS example doc. both of them have a walk-through of setting up KVMs. if you can’t get anywhere with those, come back here and tag me, and i’ll see what i can do.

@koyetsu, did you ever figure this one out?