MAAS equivalent of xcat groups for bulk commands?

We’re working on replacing an old xcat installation with MAAS. One thing that’s very handy in xcat is the ability to run commands on groups of nodes. E.g. if I have a group named grp with 100 nodes named grp001-grn100 in it, I can do things like:

rpower grp boot # Reboot all the nodes
rinstall grp # Reinstall all the nodes
psh grp touch /tmp/foo # SSH into all the nodes and touch /tmp/foo

I’m guessing that MAAS has something like that, maybe with tags or availability zones or pools, but so far I haven’t found any example commands in the docs or discussions. Could anyone post an example or point me in the direction of the correct docs?


After playing a bit more, the nicest version I can think of that kinda fits with the design of MAAS would be a way to specify a filter instead of a tag.

E.g. in addition to this:

maas admin interface update 48flss eno16 vlan=101

…you could also do this:

maas admin interface update --tag=dell_7960 eno16 vlan=101


maas admin interface update ‘{pool: “us-east-workers”, .link_connected: true}’ vlan=101

I’m not sure if those are the best possible ways to do it, but something like that would be a handy sort of thing to have. So far I’ve been doing the equivalent with big ugly command lines involving maas, jq, awk, feeding back into maas again.