MAAS enlistment didn't execute customized user commissioning scripts

Enable network discovery and upload few customized commissioning script.

I notice only build in scripts are executed when the server is auto discovered by MaaS.

This script begins with 40 is added by me, not executed.

But when I click the Take Action and Commission from UI, this server commission again and my script is executed this time.

Is there something specific for network discovery commissioning with user script? The /MAAS/metadata/2012-03-01/maas-scripts response also contained only build in scripts.

My MaaS version is 3.3.4.


“Network discovery” is a specific feature in MAAS and it refers to the ability to list all the hosts on the subnets on a dedicated page.

I guess you are referring to the “enlistment”. The behaviour you described is expected. After you enlist a machine you must commission it to execute your scripts

Please share the header of you script, I think you are missing the enlistment tag.
see this post for reference