maas dhcp relay issue.

Hi, I have 5 subnets unfortunately I don’t know how to set them on MAAS subnet section/tab to connect them to a single dhcp server.

Do I have to add each subnet to specific vlan and add each to specific rack controller on the same subnet ? or as just shown on the above image, they all can be in the same vlan and fabric.

I have also installed rack controller for each subnet because I don’t know how to relay dhcp request to a single dhcp maas server

here is my scenario.

I have a server wtih 4 nics and a laptop 2 nics ( 1 eth and 1 wireless) and 3 PCs each has one nic.

3 pcs + one port of laptop are connected to the server and have configured bridge to serve some vms on each machine.

laptop is acting as gateway as wireless nic is connected to wifi, the internet.

Now I want to have one single dhcp server so I changed dhcp option for each 4 subnets to relay on one server ( Maas server) in maas as showing in the picture.

I have installed dhcrlay on the server node and config it as it looks like this

# What servers should the DHCP relay forward requests to?
# is MAAS server. 

# On what interfaces should the DHCP relay (dhrelay) serve DHCP requests?
INTERFACES="vmbr0 vmbr1 vmbr2 vmbr3"

# Additional options that are passed to the DHCP relay daemon?

but it does not work when I use sudo dhcping -c -h 00:21:86:2d:70:b4 -g -s
no answer

I don’t know what to do else to fix the issue.