MAAS DHCP Relay don't forward packets

I have an OpenStack VM with two NIC:

  • ens3 with a public IP ( on
  • ens4 with a private IP ( on

I’ve setup MAAS rack+region controller on the private network, and enable DHCP for that VLAN as you can see in the figure:

All of the VMs launched from Openstack can be recognized by the MAAS server and these are enlisted and commissioned by it. But I need to enlist and commission a physical node that I only can connect through ethernet to the public network.

I can see the BOOTP packages in the public interface (ens3) but they can’t reach the private one (ens4).

So, I configured a DHCP relay using isc-dhcp-relay

And then on MAAS configured the subnet on fabric-0 to relay DHCP to the subnet

As you can see: RIGHT Wireshark - ens4; LEFT Wireshark - ens3 ; and in the middle journalctl -f -n 50 -u isc-dhcp-relay

The isc-dhcp-relay forward the BOOTREQUEST to the proper IP but nothing appear on the Wireshark capture in either interface.

I need help to figure out what’s happening and how can I fix it.