MaaS deploying SuSe

I’ve noticed a few older MaaS documents for 1.9 that OpenSuSe or SLES were supported, but all traces of that seem to have dissapeared. I’m assuming that means that neither of those are supported anymore, but can someone verify? I still see references to SuSe in the preseeds directory for 2.4.2.

Hello, Could anyone from Canonical reply to this? We might be interest as well on deploying SLES or RHEL. The documentation to build custom images is very poor, and apparently the tool has been deprecated?


@cervigni, we had thought that opensuse was supported by the Maas Image Builder, but apparently that is not the case.

We don’t currently have support for OpenSUSE or SLES however we do have support for creating custom RHEL7 and RHEL8 images with Packer-MAAS.

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Is this a free to use tool or do we need to subscribe to Advantage / any paid version of MAAS to use it?


MAAS and Packer-MAAS are both free open source software released under the AGPLv3.