Maas commissioning breaks if mass is not on the first NIC?

So been setting up a virtual test environment for mass and I have been running into an issue.

Maas works fine if it is the only NIC or if it is the first NIC in the system but if any other network deice is first, it will just hang when trying to get a DHCP address (even if DHCP is working fine on that NIC, just not controlled by maas).

Then after trying long enough it it ends up crashing to a busybox shell.

Is there any way for it to work if it is not the first NIC? I do not know what the final hardware nic order will be.

The boot order is usually configurable in the system firmware, and you should assure it’s correctly configured (the first NIC must be able to reach MAAS). There’s no way MAAS can control a system it doesn’t know about.

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I think you misunderstand. I can get it to pxe boot no problem at all (well assuming I am using maas for dhcp, which i really don’t want to do but have tried to work around).

The issue is that if the nic that maas is connected to is not the first hardware ID on the system, (aka, ens18 instead of ens19) it fails during the pxe boot process.

Here is an example, The maas nic is ens19 but I have another nic setup first and it is ens18.
ens 18 is not connected to maas but ens19 is. It is booting from ens19/maas in the screenshot.

It only tries to use end18 and will not attempt to use ens19 even though it is pxe booting with ens19.

How come it can’t simply keep scanning the other NIC’s to find mass? It is already booting from maas afterall, so it has to be there.

If I swap the order of the nics in the VM hardware, then it boots and works fine

can you show me the kernel command line? it’s in the very beginning of this terminal output and should be something like BOOT_IMAGE= ... console=tty1 console=ttyS0 BOOTIF=01-00:16:3e:c7:66:a0 (the MAC should be different and match your machine)

it goes by so fast and I can’t scroll up that far to see it after,this was the best screenshot I could get of the start. I don’t see boot image listed but does it show what you need?

Is there a better way to see the early messages considering I can’t log in after it is finished?

Unfortunately what we need is a little after this.

Trying to get a screenshot is going to be hard, we should try to get a better terminal first.

What kind of VM is this? and what are you using as terminal emulator?

Hi @bean74695234,

You are hitting which I’m currently fixing.

Keep you posted

Great, glad it was not just me.

Any chance you know why using an outside dhcp server is broken now, seems it used to work but doesn’t anymore?

It would make my life much easier to be able to use our normal dhcp server.

is your DHCP issue related to this post topic or to Cloud-init "no datasource found" during commissioning?

Correct, it seems to be the same issue.