MaaS Commision fails with 00-maas-03-install-lldpd , 99-maas-02-capture-lldp

Hi I was trying Install Openstack Charm, duting which i installed MaaS 2.7.
Once, i configured the MaaS it ddint auto idenfiy the nodes but i tried adding manually and triggerd "Commision " . Here everytime commision is failing with 2 failures.

1.00-maas-03-install-lldpd : " E: Unable to locate package lldpd "

2., 99-maas-02-capture-lldp:

Traceback (most recent call last): File “/tmp/”, line 29, in lldpd_capture(*args, **kwargs) File “/tmp/”, line 16, in lldpd_capture time_ref = getmtime(reference_file) File “/usr/lib/python3.6/”, line 55, in getmtime return os.stat(filename).st_mtimeFileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/var/run/lldpd.socket’

My setup is behind a proxy and i specified that in the "Settings -> Network Services -> Proxy -> "

Appreciate your help.

@yrishi555, sounds like LLDP daemon isn’t installed, but not sure why. Did you check to see if /var/run/lldpd.socket is actually there?

Also, are you running 2.7 from the snap or the deb package?

@yrishi555, it sounds like your machine can’t access some apt repositories that are needed to install MAAS. Are you blocked from accessing repos?

@yrishi555: like @billwear said, the issue is with the comissioned machine not being able to access the repos. I had the exact same issue.

Not sure how your network is setup, but if you have the typical separate subnet for MAAS nodes, you need to make sure that the nodes on that subnet can reach the internet. In my case, Maas had the wrong gateway for the subnet and my gateway machine was not forwarding the packets correctly.

Hi billwear/juvvi.

Thanks for your response. And sorry for the delay.
I have re-deployed the MaaS Server is different environment which has direct internt conection and also i set the servers to Legacy bios mode. Now, the issue got resolved.
But, currently i am facing one issue, while deploying openstack using “juju deploy …”.
i have 2 servers 1 -controller and 1-compute and have customized my yaml file to find for my env.
When i trigger the juju deploy , it shows some logs and said deployment comeplted. But, no node was auto-triggerd with this command.
When i see the juju status,

root@maas:~# juju show-status
Model Controller Cloud/Region Version SLA Timestamp
openstack maas-controller mymaas/default 2.8.1 unsupported 20:36:38Z

App Version Status Scale Charm Store Rev OS Notes
cinder waiting 0/1 cinder jujucharms 303 ubuntu
glance waiting 0/1 glance jujucharms 297 ubuntu
heat waiting 0/1 heat jujucharms 276 ubuntu
keystone waiting 0/1 keystone jujucharms 316 ubuntu
memcached waiting 0/1 memcached jujucharms 29 ubuntu
mysql waiting 0/1 percona-cluster jujucharms 290 ubuntu
neutron-api waiting 0/1 neutron-api jujucharms 286 ubuntu
neutron-gateway waiting 0/1 neutron-gateway jujucharms 283 ubuntu
neutron-openvswitch unknown 0 neutron-openvswitch jujucharms 276 ubuntu
nova-cloud-controller waiting 0/1 nova-cloud-controller jujucharms 345 ubuntu
nova-compute waiting 0/1 nova-compute jujucharms 318 ubuntu
ntp unknown 0 ntp jujucharms 40 ubuntu
openstack-dashboard waiting 0/1 openstack-dashboard jujucharms 304 ubuntu
rabbitmq-server waiting 0/1 rabbitmq-server jujucharms 103 ubuntu

Unit Workload Agent Machine Public address Ports Message
cinder/0 waiting allocating 0/lxd/0 waiting for machine
glance/0 waiting allocating 0/lxd/1 waiting for machine
heat/0 waiting allocating 0/lxd/2 waiting for machine
keystone/0 waiting allocating 0/lxd/3 waiting for machine
memcached/0 waiting allocating 0/lxd/4 waiting for machine
mysql/0 waiting allocating 0/lxd/5 waiting for machine
neutron-api/0 waiting allocating 0/lxd/6 waiting for machine
neutron-gateway/0 waiting allocating 0/lxd/7 waiting for machine
nova-cloud-controller/0 waiting allocating 0/lxd/8 waiting for machine
nova-compute/0 waiting allocating 1 waiting for machine
openstack-dashboard/0 waiting allocating 0/lxd/9 waiting for machine
rabbitmq-server/0 waiting allocating 0/lxd/10 waiting for machine

Machine State DNS Inst id Series AZ Message
0 pending node2 bionic default Deploying: Rebooting
0/lxd/0 pending pending bionic
0/lxd/1 pending pending bionic
0/lxd/2 pending pending bionic
0/lxd/3 pending pending bionic
0/lxd/4 pending pending bionic
0/lxd/5 pending pending bionic
0/lxd/6 pending pending bionic
0/lxd/7 pending pending bionic
0/lxd/8 pending pending bionic
0/lxd/9 pending pending bionic
0/lxd/10 pending pending bionic
1 down pending bionic matching subnets to zones: cannot use space “mgmt” as deployment target: no subnets

Pleas help me in resolving this issue.
Also, how to clear this current stalled session?