MAAS comission problem with HP DL360 G7

I noob in linux and I wanna try OpenStack on my 2 metal servers:
HP DL180 G6 (srv1)
HP DL360 G7 (srv2)
OpenStack installation manual tell me install MAAS before…

At first step I have installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with MAAS 2.4.2 on SRV1.

  1. DHCP is enabled in MAAS GUI.
  2. PXE boot preferred on SRV1.
  3. Added user for MASS in ILO3 of SRV2

After i want to see SRV2 in elistment of MAAS, but it DONT lists.
I added it manually to list (MAC of NIC and IPMI account).
I try to take on Commission newly added SRV2, it powering on over IPMI, but PXE didnt work, and ending afrer time out.
In events tab of Machine i see request of pxelinux.0, but nothing happens.

What I do wrong? Thanks!

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Did you solve this?, I’m having the same issue.

@juanoterocas, what version of MAAS are you using to deploy your HP DL360 G7?

Hi, I managed to solve this, currently using maas 3.0, the problem was I have 2 network interfaces at the controller , one connected to the router/firewall(with internet conection) and the other one was connected to a switch for PXE and enlisting , bridging that interfaces to provide internet can’t route properly, so I used just one interface, maas controller with dhcp and a router(connected to firewall(this have dhcp enable because is the main router.) ) with dhcp disabled then started to work.


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DHCP is often at the root of these issues. thanks for letting me know, wonderful to hear you’re on maas 3.0. ping back if you need more help!

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