MAAS changing boot order during deployment

While we are currently able to deploy to some nodes just fine (PowerEdge M630 with 1Gbps NIC), when we try to deploy the same image to a different machine (PowerEdge R450 with 25Gbps NIC), MAAS seems to change the boot order of the node during deployment to put PXE first. Because of this, when the deployment is done and the node reboots, it goes right back to PXE and deploys all over again. This continues indefinitely until we manually fix the boot order. But sometimes, in doing so, MAAS doesn’t recognize that the deployment has finished and so it marks the node as “failed deployment.” Is there some way to prevent MAAS from rearranging the boot order during deployment, or to at least put it back before rebooting at the end of the deployment?

Hi @dcaunt42

This is a normal behaviour for MAAS to change the boot order (having PXE/Netboot as the first option). Why you would like to revert back the boot order when machine is deployed?

Once machine is deployed and powered on, it will try to PXE, but since MAAS knows that machine is deployed, it will return grub.cfg telling machine to boot from disk.

Probably your continuous PXE is a symptom of a different issue. Is there anything interesting in the logs?

It is also worth checking logs on the aforementioned machine at /var/log/cloud-init.log

Thank you for this @troyanov. I didn’t realize that this was expected behavior since the M630s that we tested first did not have their boot order changed. Using this knowledge, I will look into this again and see what I can find. Thank you.