MAAS can't recognize new machine

Hello, I had an issue on deploying a machine with the Intel network card:

  • Network Driver: Realtek UEFI UNDI Driver
  • Network Controller: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller

So it first:
Downloading NBP file…
NBP file downloaded successfully.

Fetching Netboot Image
Booting under MAAS direction…

Then it shows did no find a nic :

And then it boot into the built-in shell.

(initramfs) _

And MAAS does not recognize new machine on GUI.

Just curious if anyone has seem this issue before? Thank you.


Hello @esitu

Which OS do you use for commissioning?
You can check it under MAAS > Settings (top menu) > Commissioning (under General section on the left)

Also can you please tell which MAAS version you are using?