MaaS can't commission machines after upgrade to 2.9/snap


Just encountered an issue after upgrading MaaS to 2.9 from 2.8 with Snap package on a Ubuntu 20.04 bse install.
I can’t commission my machines anymore
It keeps failing at the maas-kernel-cmdline script
Machines are in failed state and can’t be provisionned anymore
Any idea on how to fix that ? MaaS is unusable now

Found the fix !
Damn, I should read upgrade procedures more carefully … I upgraded region server then rack servers … I should have done the contrary (rack then region), I had to delete rack controllers and reinstall/reregister them to fix the issue … :man_facepalming:

I have the same issue if I run commissioning and try to retain the storage setup. Happens with the servers that have 2 storage devices, sda and sdb.

Yeah, true.
Got the same issue when you check "retain " when commissioning machine.

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