MAAS assigned DDNS and multiple reverse entries

We have DHCP enabled for a range and also DDNS
A server will get an IP from DHCP and then assign the DDNS value.
However we get 2 reverse DDNS values
The forward is OK:

host B1-01
B1-01.maas has address

The reverse:

host domain name pointer 10-0-0-35.maas. domain name pointer b1-01.maas.

the problem comes that the next DNS query gets the 2 entries the other way around

host domain name pointer b1-01.maas. domain name pointer 10-0-0-35.maas.

The problem comes in that we have Dell OpenManage that imports servers for hardware inventory and firmware and other reporting.
We then see some servers listed with the correct BX-YY and then some with the D-C-B-A.maas IP notation.

Is there a way to tell MAAS to only assign the one address or if not if we can clean up the others manually (via a cron or something)? Or even no reverse would be fine as we are scanning based on BX-YY but I guessing the appliance then does a reverse lookup afterwards.

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I’d like to hear some thoughts from the MAAS team here.

@mikectza, probably not helpful, but there is a way to disable generating reserve dns for specific subnets:

Thanks I have since discovered that but haven’t had chance to test it, always other priorities. I need to test and install OME in my test setup and then try it there as I don’t want to mess with those sort of things in production.