MaaS architecture requirements for ~1500 servers in 3 DCs

hello MaaS’ers

I am planning to create a new infra MaaS 2.9 for three Datacenters, each containing about ~500 servers.

I am wondering how many Rack Controllers should I create and what should be the minimum requirement for this infra.
As I read here :

One rack controller can handle 1000 servers, so ideally:

  • One global region controller
  • Three rack controllers.

(No need for high availability.)

Or maybe You suggest to create more controllers ? Do You have any experience ?

Rack controllers will have :

2 CPUs
4GB of ram
A lot of disk space :slight_smile:

Finally, do You know how many OS Deployments in parallel MaaS can handles at once ? I do not want to Deploy servers one by one but rather use the API to do bulk actions.

Thank You in advance for Your help.

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Hi @michal,

We have three DC’s and little above 2600 machines so one of DC have two MAAS instances and other have one for every DC. We can deploy 25 machines in batches without any issues so you can try 50 and see. Our hardware is bare metal machines 8 CPU 32GB RAM and 4TB disk space. Hope my answer helps you.


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Great, thank you ! the response is perfect :slight_smile:

I would suggest to use as many rack controller as your network segmentation need.
We have a quite fragmented network here, mainly for security purpose, so having one DHCP/PXE to rule them all is not an option.
Thanks to its decentralized approach, we can have one central “database and controller” to have a global view and interact with a single entry point but every low level actions such as PXE booting, repository mirroring, proxying, … is done at each rack level and only REST flux needs to be opened between rack and region controllers.
That’s pretty neat and great for us.


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