MAAS API integration

Dive into the World of MAAS Through Its OpenAPI-Compliant Interface

Welcome to the expansive universe of MAAS (Metal as a Service), a tool-set designed to provision and manage bare metal servers, with a unique twist—it does so with an OpenAPI-standardised API at its core. This industry-standard compliance ensures greater interoperability, reliability, and a streamlined experience for developers and administrators alike.

  • Get Started with API Authentication: Wondering how to get your foot in the door? Our API employs OAuth, a 0-legged authentication mechanism that combines security with ease of use. Take a look at the nuts and bolts in our API authentication reference guide.

  • Harness the Power of Python: With python-libmaas, our Python client library, you can interact with MAAS in a more Pythonic way. Whether you’re a developer looking to integrate MAAS into your workflow or an admin wanting to automate tasks, this client library offers a powerful interface.

  • Explore the API Documentation: Our API documentation now not only provides extensive coverage but also conforms to OpenAPI standards, making it even more robust and developer-friendly.

Each of these resources gives you the keys to unlock the full potential of MAAS, simplifying otherwise complex tasks and opening up new possibilities. So, whether you’re an old hand at MAAS or a newcomer eager to get started, these tools provide a solid foundation for your journey.

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