MAAS and Juju on the same machine

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Just wanted to know if its possible to have both MAAS and Juju on the same machine for installing openstack?


You can try running maas and juju in a LXC on the same server, let me know how that goes thanks.
Here’s the documentation installing maas -->

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MAAS on LXD is possible, but how do you do the Juju controller in LXD? As far as I know, the “standard” way of colocating Juju controllers on MAAS controllers is to use KVM nodes.

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One hacky way is to install the Juju MAAS controller to a KVM, then use lxd-p2c to transfer the installed controller to a container. I haven’t tried this but I imagine it will work, but might need some lxd profile tweaks.

I am a little confused now. According to the docs, there is MAAS, the juju controller and the juju client. I presume that in this case there would be 3 containers or KVM nodes running each of them. I cant wrap my head around how they would communicate among themselves and the nodes to be deployed.

Juju will always install a controller in a machine that comes from its provider. In the context of MAAS, it is a provider for Juju that can give machines to it. As such, when bootstraping Juju with MAAS, juju will request a machine from MAAS to install the controller on.

Since MAAS can manage virtual machines, you can have a virtual machine in the same MAAS host and use that to install the Juju controller onto. That’s the way you would have both MAAS and the Juju controller on the same physical system.

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