MAAS and Hostname


I need to modify the hostname of MAAS provisioned servers as per request of the software to be installed afterwards.

I can see that the cloud config has:

manage_etc_hosts: true

and that is coming from:

# written by cloud-init debian package per preseed entry
# cloud-init/local-cloud-config
manage_etc_hosts: true

I cannot find any of this on UI, CLI or files.

Where are those settings, how can they be tuned?

What is the best way to modify the hostname?

Hey @rvallel

One of the things that confused me with MaaS is after the machine is deployed, MaaS doesn’t have the ability to make changes on the ‘deployed’ machine, instead you’d need to release it, name and configure it while it’s in the ‘ready state’ and then deploy it to reflect your desired target state

I know what you mean.

I also found confusing when finding sentences in the UI like: mount filesystem, create partition… it looked as if you where interacting with the server real time.

It is always confusing when someone is new to a system like MAAS.

I guess it would also be possible to make changes to deployed machines with the typical: “redeploy the machine to apply changes”, or something.

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