MAAS 3.4 supported version of cloud-init


I would like to know if 3.4 (or even 3.4.1) supports cloud-init versions newer than 22.
We are trying out with cloud-init 23.4 and have noticed issues when deploying RHEL 8.8 servers using the NetworkManager renderer ( resulting in the NetworkManager for cloud-init-23 not having Network configurations at cloud-init-local)


Hi @driyage ,

at the moment maas is agnostic respect to the cloud-init version. This means that the issue is in the cloud-init version of the image itself. If you change the cloud-init version in the image it should work again. Can you check and let me know if that worked?

We are aware of some issues in the newest cloud-init releases and we are in touch with them for the fix


Thanks for the quick response, we are using 23.4 in the RHEL images we are using (built via packer)

The reason for this upgrade is:

  • To generate native NetworkManager config (rather than ifconfig files)
  • To run ansible pull from within cloud-init (this is not supported in ver 22)

one of the errors is as below:

2024-03-27 07:56:41,301 -[WARNING]: Invalid network-config provided:
config.0.subnets.0.type: 'manual' is not one of ['dhcp4', 'dhcp', 'dhcp6', 'static', 'static6', 'ipv6_dhcpv6-stateful', 'ipv6_dhcpv6-stateless', 'ipv6_slaac']
config.1.subnets.0.type: 'manual' is not one of ['dhcp4', 'dhcp', 'dhcp6', 'static', 'static6', 'ipv6_dhcpv6-stateful', 'ipv6_dhcpv6-stateless', 'ipv6_slaac']
config.2.subnets.0.type: 'manual' is not one of ['dhcp4', 'dhcp', 'dhcp6', 'static', 'static6', 'ipv6_dhcpv6-stateful', 'ipv6_dhcpv6-stateless', 'ipv6_slaac']
config.3.subnets.0.type: 'manual' is not one of ['dhcp4', 'dhcp', 'dhcp6', 'static', 'static6', 'ipv6_dhcpv6-stateful', 'ipv6_dhcpv6-stateless', 'ipv6_slaac']
config.5.subnets.0.type: 'manual' is not one of ['dhcp4', 'dhcp', 'dhcp6', 'static', 'static6', 'ipv6_dhcpv6-stateful', 'ipv6_dhcpv6-stateless', 'ipv6_slaac']
config.6.subnets.0.type: 'manual' is not one of ['dhcp4', 'dhcp', 'dhcp6', 'static', 'static6', 'ipv6_dhcpv6-stateful', 'ipv6_dhcpv6-stateless', 'ipv6_slaac']
config.7.subnets.0.type: 'manual' is not one of ['dhcp4', 'dhcp', 'dhcp6', 'static', 'static6', 'ipv6_dhcpv6-stateful', 'ipv6_dhcpv6-stateless', 'ipv6_slaac']
config.8.subnets.0.type: 'manual' is not one of ['dhcp4', 'dhcp', 'dhcp6', 'static', 'static6', 'ipv6_dhcpv6-stateful', 'ipv6_dhcpv6-stateless', 'ipv6_slaac']
config.9.subnets.0.type: 'manual' is not one of ['dhcp4', 'dhcp', 'dhcp6', 'static', 'static6', 'ipv6_dhcpv6-stateful', 'ipv6_dhcpv6-stateless', 'ipv6_slaac']

see Bug #2058619 “Non-Ubuntu images can't be deployed with cloud-ini...” : Bugs : MAAS

Many thanks ! I’ll mark this as closed as the bug fix to cloud-init should mitigate this issue

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