MaaS 3.4.0-rc1 not serving CNAME records

I have a MaaS server with a DNS zone. I created some CNAME records that point to an A record in the same zone. For example “ceph-vmo-lab” is a CNAME for “”.

However MaaS DNS refuses to respond to queries for these records:


** server can't find NXDOMAIN

If I replace the CNAME record with an A record, I have to restart MaaS before it responds to at least the A record again.

What is going wrong here?

Figured it out, I had to change 2 things:

  1. I was running into, which details that only trusted networks can request DNS recursion. Dig was showing WARNING: recursion requested but not available as a hint. After I adjusted the list of external networks in MaaS allowed to use DNS, this error went away.

  2. I was now getting a NXDOMAIN error, looking at the dig output it showed 30 IN CNAME

Clearly it was doubling the DNS zone. I removed the DNS zone from the CNAME data, leaving just the vmo-ingress part. At that point, it worked correctly.