MAAS 3.2.9 creates Calico Interfaces 80.000 fabrics

I could no longer customise the network configuration of individual servers or display the list of fabrics. After some searching I was able to find out that fabrics were created in the database every 15 minutes. As a result, the database table fabrics contains about 80t data records and the maas interface crashes on loading. BTW the event table has 14.000.000 entrys

Maas manages four VMs running a K8 cluster, with a master and worker node running on two machines each. Apparently the hardware sync recognises Calico interfaces from the K8 cluster every 15 minutes and creates a fabric for each interface.

Is it possible to avoid this behaviour?

Name Version Rev Tracking Publisher Notes
maas 3.2.9-12055-g.c3d5597a7 31022 3.2/stable canonical✓ -

Hi @erikdy ,

this sounds like a bug to me. Could you please open it according to this guide.

Thank you very much, appreciate it!

Sounds like you have enabled the periodic hardware sync option. I too made this mistake a while ago.

If you disable it and then try and clean up the fabircs you should be o.k

That’s what I think too.
But how can I deactivate this? In the UI I only found a field that allows me to set the interval in minutes. Setting it to 0 doesn’t work and anything else like 9999999 min would be a weird solution.

So the only way to disabled it i think is to re-enlist the machine with it disabled.
but, what you can do is disable and remove the system service that is running on the nodes.

it will then not report info. The problem your going to have is removing the current networks and fabrics.

You might have to give up with this MAAS install, and look to start again.

that would need some thought and research, but it is possible to import built servers into maas.