MAAS 3.2.0-Beta2 released

We are pleased to announce that MAAS 3.2.0-Beta2 has been released, with a new feature and four bug fixes.

The new feature for Beta 2 is improved tag managment: MAAS now provides greatly expanded tagging capability.

This is a Beta release, so you may encounter bugs and incomplete features. We strongly recommend that you take the necessary precautions, which include (but are not limited to) the following steps:

- Install Beta versions on a system specifically designated for testing; Beta is not recommended for production.
- Take a backup of any unrecoverable data on your test system prior to installing Beta versions.
- More specifically, if you use a system for testing MAAS releases, back up the MAAS database and any unique configuration files related to your use of MAAS prior to installing Beta versions.

Essentially, expect that the Beta may not function properly under all conditions, possibly overwriting data and configuration information on the test machine. Beta versions usually behave fairly well, but be warned that across-the-board, error-free performance isn’t something we expect from Beta releases.

As you encounter failures, please take the time to file a bug or let us know your thoughts on the discourse user forum.

Please view the release notes for details and installation instructions.

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