MAAS 3.1 with Bcache and ZFS (on RAID6) fails near the end of deployment


This setup used to deploy without issues on my MAAS PPA version 3.1b4 → 3.1…

I recently started over with a clean MAAS 3.1 PPA install and this same setup now fails.

When I setup bcache:

  • sda as boot
  • sdh as the cache
  • md0 (RAID6 with 6 drives) as backing device
  • with zfsroot as the file system

It fails trying to write a file descriptor to an endpoint near the end of the deployment. (scrolls by too fast to see)

I have these two drives:

I got a good snapshot before it reboot. Here’s the drive setup.

Hi, the zfsroot filesystem type is only meant to be used for the root device.

MAAS doesn’t currently support deploying with ZFS for devices other than the root one.

Oh ok, understood, but it’s interesting that it’s worked before the clean 3.1 install.