MAAS 3.1.0 release schedule updated

For two user-centric reasons, we are slipping the MAAS 3.1.0 release schedule just a little – perhaps spreading it out slightly more as we go forward:

  1. We did not get the MAAS 3.1.0-beta1 out until late on Friday last, so we want to give users more time to play with this first Beta. This Beta has a significant number of new, user-requested features, and we would like to give some stable “soak time” for users to test-drive these new features and give us feedback.

  2. We have a chance to get a pretty large feature set into MAAS 3.1.0 if we take a little extra time to finish, so we are slipping the schedule at least one week for now, possibly a bit longer as we see how we’re doing on this feature set. In the race for quality and robustness over schedule, we typically lean toward getting you more, better features, even if it takes us a little longer.

Of course, comments and questions are welcome, and if you have a particular situation that requires features slated for MAAS 3.1.0, please let us know your needs.