MaaS 3.0 network configuration bug in UI


With 2.9.x I was able to have an unconfigured physical interface and in that case, the UI shows “Subnet name: Unconfigured” and “IP Address: Unconfigured”.
Since 3.0, as soon as I switch the subnet part to “Unconfigured”, the “IP Address” state is set to “Auto assign”.
I tried to edit the interface, then unconfigure the IP address many times saving in between at each state but it keeps getting back to “Auto assign” as soon as I unconfigure the subnet part.

This should be fixed as it mislead MaaS when configuring interfaces when you don’t want a configuration done by MaaS.


It might still be possble to use “remove physical interface” if you really don’t want maas to touch the interface. In case you need the interface back, you will need to commission the machine again.

Documentation clearly lists Unconfigured as a valid state for an interface:

Did you by any chance create a launchpad BUG for this ?

Hopefully this gets ackgnowledged and fixed soon.


@Hybrid512, did you file a bug yet?