Maas 2.9 ipmi node powered off few secs after powered on

Hello, i have problem with maas 2.9 (installed via snap)

when i try to commission/deploy/release node, the ipmi command to power on node succeeds, but after few secs the node is powered off again. I cannot find what is causing this.

When i try to power on the node using ipmitools with the same credentials maas is using, the node is powered on correctly and keeps booting. Any hints or ideas what to check?

Could you please check the following when the issue happens:

  • the “Logs” tab in the node details page, see if it reports a power off action after the power on one
  • MAAS regiond/rackd logs, from /var/snap/maas/common/logs/{rackd,regiond}.log, in case they contain errors.

hi and thanks for response

in the logs i always saw only ‘power on’ action. Power off was not mentioned there, also no errors.

what’s the command you’re using for manually powering on the machine?

i use this command:
ipmipower -W opensesspriv -D LAN_2_0 -I 3 -h $IPADDRESS -u $USER -p $PASSWORD -l ADMINISTRATOR --cycle --on-if-off

or sometimes just the web gui (dell idrac9)

@ohamada, did you get this one resolved?

no, the issue remains. i cannot find the root cause

@ohamada, are you able to try this same thing with a MAAS 3.0 or 3.1 install, maybe just a POC on an isolated box? so far, i’m not able to make much sense of this.