Maas 2.9 failing to build boxes because "failed posting event"

so I’m having issues with my MAAS server building a new box. for some reason, commissioning keeps failing, and I can see from the server’s console that it runs all the commissioning steps just fine, but I keep getting errors on the steps “failed posting event”, which I assume means it’s failed to notify MAAS that these events actually completed.

it’s very baffling because the server is on two different networks, both of which can talk directly to the MAAS server, so I have no clue why this is failing.

can someone point me at how this error can be debugged, where I can get more info out of the system as to what exactly failed?


so, I restarted the maas snap, and it worked on another attempt. is there a way to determine why the service responsible for this died, and how to fix it?

this has turned into an ongoing problem, where I have to restart maas about once a day if I wanna continue provisioning boxes. can someone who understands maas internals point me at how to debug this?

make that multiple times a day. MAAS really isn’t seeming production ready now that I’m trying to use it in production, I gotta say.

Hi, could you please check MAAS logs and see if you get errors there when trying to commission machines?

Logs are at /var/snap/maas/common/logs/{regiond,rackd}.log.
For commissioning, the machine output is stored under /var/snap/maas/common/logs/rsyslog/<machine-name>.

@tessa, did you ever get this resolved? i see a reply from a MAAS engineer above. did you go some other route here?