MAAS 2.9.2 released

Hello everyone,

I’m pleased to announce the release of MAAS 2.9.2 which includes a number of important bug fixes and two exciting new power drivers.

See for details.

Available in ppa:maas/2.9 for debian packages, or in 2.9/stable channel for the snap


Please release 2.9.2-9165 which has been in the candidate snap track for two weeks which fixes some major breakage in the API due to bugs in the python-twisted used in the snap in the 2.9.2-9164 edition.

2.9/stable: 2.9.2-9164-g.ac176b5c4 2021-02-17 (11851) 150MB - <BROKEN
2.9/candidate: 2.9.2-9165-g.c3e7848d1 2021-03-22 (12555) 149MB - <-WORKS, please promote to stable…

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