MAAS 2.8 released

Hello, MAASsters! Welcome to MAAS 2.8, a major update to Canonical’s Metal as a Service – the smartest way to manage bare metal.

This latest release of MAAS offers the following:

  • LXD-based VM host support (Beta)

    • Extends existing libvirt-based VM hosts
    • Can be managed without SSH access to the VM host
    • Can be remotely access via HTTPS.
    • Provides a better API experience
  • UI performance improvements for the machine listing

    • Better handling of long machine lists
    • Persistent UI state for groupings
    • New grouping options
    • Bookmarkable URLs with filter and search parameters
    • Many other performance improvements
  • Support for an external MAAS database for the snap version

    • Improves scalability of MAAS
    • Database can be located outside the MAAS snap, on localhost or remote server
    • Also provided test DB configuration that runs in a separate snap, for POC

There are also lots of bug fixes. See the release notes for all the details.

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Hello Bill.

I might’ve missed it in your post / the release notes, but I can’t see any mention of the Cloud Init configuration integration in the UI that amylily mentioned a couple of days ago in this post (bi-weekly update #5)

Did it make the cut?

@purvaldur, by “this cycle,” I think she meant “the cycle we’re working on now for the next release down the road a bit.” I will confirm that with her tomorrow and let you know. As you can see in the discussion, she talks about “still finalizing the design” and offers a “sneak peak” at something “not-so-final.” That would lead me to the conclusion above.

Hi @purvaldur, @billwear is correct. Thank you for keeping up with our updates and sorry for causing this misunderstanding. “This cycle” in this context means 2.9 release as it is referred to the upcoming release in October. I will be more cautious with these terms next time.

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