MAAS 2.8 beta 4 feedback


I tried to get 2.7 running for several hours. The UI hung for minutes. When I finally was able to create a new VLAN the system crashed when enabling DHCP without being able to assing a rack controller to the VLAN. Which seemed to cause the crash.
After reading that the 2.8 realease should have brought some UI improvements I wanted to give MAAS antoher try. I set up a fresh 20.04 server VM and did
sudo snap install maas --channel=2.8/beta
sudo /snap/maas/current/helpers/maas-database-setup
sudo maas createadmin
logged in and then some quick browser reloadings started haning in screen “Loading …” on /MAAS/#/intro/user. I’m running the current Ubuntu Chrome version.

I reloaded /MAAS? in a new tab and the expected entry screen was shown. I passed through the initial steps and ended in the Machines tab. I was able to click through every tab except settings, which is showing a blank page.
I’ll to proceed with my POC setup and will probably add more feedback.

I’m trying to assign a rack controller to a vlan in order to enable DHCP. The good new is, that in 2.8 I’m prompted to assign an rack controller. In 2.7 I could enable it without assigning a rack controller, but MAAS hung and got unresponsive afterwards. The bad new is that I can’t assign a rack controller and therefore can’t enable DHCP.