MaaS 2.8 (7328) Not Configuring Chrony

New insall of MaaS 2.8 (7328) is not respecting the NTP configuration. I have configured my internal NTP servers as a destination, but the server is still reaching out to the default ubuntu pool.

root 10131 0.0 0.0 110356 3220 ? S 20:11 0:00 /snap/maas/7328/usr/sbin/chronyd -u root -d -f /var/snap/maas/7328/etc/chrony/chrony.conf

There is a configuration file which is correct: /var/snap/maas/7328/etc/chrony/maas.conf, but obviously not being used in this case.

Am I missing something here or is this a bug?

Some additional troubleshooting here. When I cat “/var/snap/maas/7328/etc/chrony/chrony.conf” it returned with the distribution version of the chrony.conf file. I modified “/bin/run-chronyd” and commented out “cp “$SNAP/usr/share/maas/chrony.conf” “$SNAP_DATA/etc/chrony/chrony.conf””
After getting everything restarted, I cat’d “/var/snap/maas/7328/etc/chrony/chrony.conf” and it had all pool statements in chrony.conf commented and added “include /var/snap/maas/7328/etc/chrony/maas.conf” to the bottom. It would appear there is some race condition with the logic. Like the cp command is occuring after the file has already been modified to use the maas.conf version.

Hi, thanks for reporting the issue.
It seems something is indeed not working there.

I’ve filed to track the issue and will investigate.