MAAS 2.8.0 beta 1 released

Hello MAASters!

We’re happy to announce the first beta release of the MAAS 2.8 series.
It provides a first look at work-in-progress features, such as

  • LXD pods support
  • UI performance improvements for machine listing page
  • snap helpers for database migration

and a lot of bug fixes.

The release can be installed from the following sources:

  • for .deb-based installations, from Launchpad PPA at ppa:maas/2.8
  • as a snap, with snap install --channel=2.8/beta maas
3 Likes says that
maas init --mode all
is depreciated in 2.8 and will be removed in 2.9. However, installing the snap as above, the result is the usage message, with the assertion that the only valid modes are region+rack, region, rack and none. Plans changed, or just a little fast on the deletion trigger?


we’re currently finalizing changes with reguard to the maas init command with regard to all mode.

As the doc says, the option will deprecated in 2.8 and will be removed completely in 2.9.

We’re providing a new way to test maas in a non-production environment, through the use of themaas-test-db snap.

This is currently available in the 2.8/edge channel and will be soon released as part of the upcoming 2.8.0 RC1 release.