Maas 2.7 pod

Just installed 2.7 and notice that I can’t add a virsh pod manually with qemu+ssh://admin@ keep getting ( Failed talking to pod: Failed to login to virsh console) but it works fine with 2.6 anyone knows if the syntax change on how to add the pods with 2.7 ?

Hey @rafise,

Could you please file a bug with any relevant logs and the steps you take to add a pod?



I’m hitting the same thing, but couldn’t find a bug…

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The magic is:

ssh-keygen -f id_rsa
mkdir -p /var/snap/maas/current/root/.ssh
sudo cp id_rsa /var/snap/current/root/.ssh
cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

That maybe correct because I wan’t able to find the maas user at all under /etc/maas