MAAS 2.7 Beta 2 - register as MAAS KVM host greyed out on deploy

After a time away, I’ve gotten back to a project using MAAS within a dev environment, and I’ve set up a basic single-node MAAS server to hand out ubuntu boxes.

I’m using MAAS 2.7 Beta 2 (8193-g.ac0dacf56-0ubuntu1~18.04.1).

For some reason when I go to deploy a freshly enlisted/commissioned node, the ‘Register as MAAS KVM host’ box is greyed out. I’m attempting to deploy Bionic to the node, and it’s previously had a MAAS KVM pod setup on it (MAAS 2.6). Any ideas as to what’s up would be welcomed.

EDIT: Looks like a FE bug - the box is greyed out if I try to deploy from the machine’s page, but selecting the node from the machine index page and hitting deploy gives me the button fully functional.

EDIT2: However it seems that the deployed server doesn’t have KVM installed, and it wasn’t added to the Pods(KVM) menu.

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Hey seffyroff,

I have tried to replicate this a number of times and can’t seem to be able to.

Could you maybe try to “empty cash and hard reload” and see if the issue is still there?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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