MAAS 2.7/2.9 metadate_enlist_url not set

I’ve been banging my head against this issue a while.
I had an old MAAS installed on Ubuntu 16.04. It was working pretty well until recently. I thought I’d do an OS update so I went to 18.04 then 20.04 last week. I got back to looking at it today, and noticed that MAAS 2.7 was installed from 18:04 so I thought I’d update it to 2.8, then 2.9. Did the rack controller first then the region & rack controller.

So, the status of both controllers is green (good), I boot a machine and it hangs on enlisting (bad). I figured out from the console that its not getting a response from the controller when it tries to enlist.

Checking the regiond log I see this.
NameError: name ‘metadata_enlist_url’ is not defined at line 8 column 22 in file /var/snap/maas/11851/preseeds/enlist

I did try replacing metadata_enlist_url with a direct link to “http://myserverIP:5240/MAAS/metadata” and I was able to get a node to enlist, but something obviously isn’t correct.

I’ve also just noticed “… Unable to initiate network scanning on any rack controller. Verify that the rack controllers are started and have connected to the region.” probably unrelated and I’ll chase that down tomorrow.

The former is the major issue that I’d like to get resolved, pointers appreciated.


@jronan, been a while, but did you ever figure this out?