MaaS 2.5 / Bionic / Pod, Composing guests = Kernel Panic, no init

Hey guys,

I just installed MaaS 2.5 on Ubuntu 18.04 (inside of a LXD Container).

Then, I deployed Ubuntu 18.04 in a bare metal SuperMicro Blade, all good!

After deploying it, I installed manually KVM and added it as a Pod on MaaS, so far, so good…

I manage to Compose one, two guests and then, out of blue, I can not Compose more guests anymore!

Right after trying to Compose, the KVM Guest dies with Kernel Panic, as follows:

I already reinstalled everything (including MaaS) from scratch and I can not find the problem!

What’s happening, any idea?


BTW, I also tried to manually create a KVM Guest using Virt-Manager, via PXE, same Kernel Panic!

No idea about what to do…

I can release/deploy other bare metal boxes normally!

I can even see on MaaS’ logs, that the machines downloaded the same kernel and initrd from tftp…

So sad… :frowning:

I’m starting to think that the boot-kernel/boot-initrd locate inside of my boot-resources are broken!

This is blocking me to deploy MaaS 2.5 in production! I thought that it was ready / stable but, looks like that it isn’t.

I was using MaaS 2.5 for months and it was working perfectly! Now I can’t Compose more KVM Guests. For some reason, it works for 1 or 2 guests, then, it stops…

What is happening? :sob:

I would love to debug this problem! I know that KVM can boot kernel/initrd directly but, is it possible to use it to debug this problem? I mean, I think that the boot-resources are currently broken! And those are updated daily, so, might not be directly related to MaaS itself…

We are currently tracking this issue in LP:1810972 Is your MAAS running in a virtual environment or on metal? I am currently investigating if this is an issue with nginx’s sendfile. Could you try setting sendfile off; in /var/lib/maas/http/nginx.conf and restarting nginx with systemctl restart maas-http?

Ok! I’ll try this as well now.

However, you’ll not believe in my workaround! I “fixed” it in a very cool way… lol

I’ll post about my workaround very soon!

This option had no effect. Composed KVM Guest in kernel panic, no init available.

My workaround is to build “Compose” the KVM Guest using Virt-Manager AND using UEFI!!!

To do that, I have to run on each KVM Host:

sudo apt install ovmf

Then, compose the KVM Guests using “Firmware = UEFI”, instead of “BIOS”.

Voialá! Problem solved!

No more kernel panic and MaaS can take over the vm after a simple “Pod Refresh”!!!

It’s even better! When deleting a Pod, even accidentally, ALL the VMs will be left untouched! I really like this. So, no more Composing KVM Guests via MaaS UI for me (for now).

For the wider audience, the issue in reality is the fact that there’s a kernel panic with 2048 MB of ram allocated to the VM. This is a kernel or a qemu/KVM issue.

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