MAAS 2.5.2 released!

Hello MAASters!

I’m happy to announce that MAAS 2.5.2 is now available.

PPA’s Availability

MAAS 2.5.2 is currently available for testing in ppa:maas/stable for Bionic:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:maas/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install maas

NOTE: Please note that MAAS 2.5.2 has now replaced 2.5.1 in the PPA.

Important annoucements

MAAS 2.5.2 introduces an important fix that address an issue where MAAS would create StaticIPAddress records with a NULL ip address. This was caused by DHCP updates (from a MAAS managed DHCP) not correctly updating the correct DB record, and instead, creating these new StaticIPAddress records.

As part of the fixes, a migration has been introduced to clean-up these NULL records to increase performance. If you encounter an issue in the upgrade process, please do file a bug report and comment on this post to investigate.

Relevant bug reports are: #1816452, #1817056 and #1817305.

Issue fixed in this release

LP bug Description
#1815091 restore-storage-configuration fails when a raid device is part of a bcache
#1816452 [2.5, websockets, performance] Loading network related page, such as ‘interfaces’ or ‘add device’ takes too long
#1817056 [2.5] StaticIPAddress records with NULL ip keeps adding up
#1818132 [2.6, master] Upgrading fails 0182_remove_duplicate_null_ips migration
#1809321 [2.5, snap] No support for ‘config --database-port’ in the snap
#1811389 [2.5, UI] Setting resource pool for a pod doesn’t work
#1811662 [2.5, UI] Pod core counts are inconsistent
#1814126 [2.5, UI, regression] Cannot update the domain of a controller over the ui
#1814623 Redfish power type single machines should not need power parameter ‘node_id’
#1817305 Remove duplicate null ip records for the same interface and subnet
#1707562 [2.2] no way to specify testing_scripts on machine creation
#1816651 Exception: get() returned more than one StaticIPAddress – it returned 2!

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Nice one.

Are there any plans to update the stable Snap stream? I see:

  stable:    2.3.3-6498-ge4db91d-snap        2018-06-15 (2589) 111MB -
  candidate: 2.3.3-6498-ge4db91d-snap        2018-06-15 (2589) 111MB -
  beta:      2.4.1-7032-g11e4fa3-snap        2018-08-15 (2654)  99MB -
  edge:      2.6.0~alpha1-7613-g38710e5-snap 2019-03-15 (3241) 107MB -

The github repo ( doesn’t have the 2.5.2 tag. It’s just a tagging issue or means that the repo is outdated?

The github repository is indeed out-of-date, as development happens over on Launchpad. The github repository is just a mirror whiche out-of-date. may b: