MAAS 2.5.1 released!

Hello MAASters!

I’m happy to announce that MAAS 2.5.1 is now available.

PPA’s Availability

MAAS 2.5.1 is currently available in ppa:maas/stable for Bionic:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:maas/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install maas

Issue fixed in this release

LP: #1807981 - [2.5] Weird user experience for admin role when only has access to one resource pool
LP: #1808029 - [2.5] RBAC - Cannot ‘release’ a machine deployed by another user (or maybe non-RBAC user)
LP: #1808090 - [2.5] RBAC - Cannot create a device as an admin role for “global entities” and all resource pools
LP: #1808091 - [2.5] RBAC - Cannot see rack controllers as a admin role for ‘global entities’ and ‘resource pools’
LP: #1810950 - no required option in docstring param causes internal server error
LP: #1811986 - [2.5] s390x VM creation is broken due to serial console logging
LP: #1812509 - Upgrade from 2.4 -> 2.5 doesn’t upgrade manual power_type
LP: #1814114 - [2.5] MAAS doesn’t sync resource-pools with RBAC
LP: #1806250 - can’t change controller domain
LP: #1806686 - [2.5, UI, regression] Pods networking configuration: “space” selector got shrinked
LP: #1806725 - [2.5,UI, regression] Add machine doesn’t pre-select the default options
LP: #1807020 - [2.5] Pods are not filter based on RBAC resource pool roles
LP: #1807291 - [2.5, UI] Non-human-friendly RAM amount shown on pod info page
LP: #1810803 - [2.5, RBAC] No explaination why authentication is needed when configuring RBAC
LP: #1810999 - [2.5] Pod console_logging should be the default (and needs a doc fix)
LP: #1811377 - [2.5] JS error in machine listing: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘filter’ of undefined
LP: #1811381 - [2.5, UI] Tag field is shown as being editable, but it’s not
LP: #1811665 - [2.5, RBAC] Non-superuser can’t edit their devices
LP: #1811699 - [2.5, RBAC, API] Resource pool admins can’t update machine details
LP: #1812201 - [2.5, RBAC, API] maas machines list-allocated shows machines the user don’t have access to
LP: #1812238 - [2.5, RBAC, API] Admin of all resource pools can’t create pools via the API
LP: #1812239 - [2.5, RBAC] Pool admins shouldn’t be allowed to delete the pool
LP: #1813181 - [2.5, RBAC, API] Resource pool admins can’t bulk edit machines
LP: #1776741 - [2.4, UI] When a non-Ubuntu OS is selected as the default operating system OS, the action to ‘deploy’ doesn’t provide kernel option when changing to Ubuntu
LP: #1786137 - [UI, 2.4, devel] Unable to switch between Add Machine and Add Chassis
LP: #1801132 - [2.5,UI] UI reports multiple of the same ip address in node listing tooltip
LP: #1806969 - [2.5, enhacement] Error when creating pod with multiple NICs with different IP mode
LP: #1807058 - nginx allows a maximum of a 1M body to be uploaded
LP: #1807231 - [2.5rc2] Cannot communicate with KVM hosts if stale SSH fingerprint is cached
LP: #1807738 - [2.5, UI] Devices and mountpoints are not tabulated correctly under ‘Filesystems’
LP: #1807739 - [2.5, UI] Commissioning/Test script view table doesn’t use all available space
LP: #1807740 - [2.5, UI] CPU, Memory, Storage box contents has too much space between lines
LP: #1807741 - [2.5, UI] Hardware tests details page table has too much line space
LP: #1807991 - Commission is not available because of the current state of the node.
LP: #1811360 - [2.5] - maas nodes create error message for min_hwe_kernel validation is misleading

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