MAAS 2.4.1 released!

Hello MAASters!

I’m happy to announce that MAAS 2.4.1 is now available.

MAAS 2.4.1 will be SRU’d into Ubuntu Bionic in the coming weeks, but it will be available in the PPA. For more details please see below:

PPA’s Availability

MAAS 2.4.1 is currently available in ppa:maas/stable for Bionic:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:maas/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install maas

Issue fixed in this release

A list of issues fixed in this release are available in the 2.4.1 milestone. A summary of bugs available here:

  • LP: #1774058 - [2.4] Creating bcache partitions fails in some situations
  • LP: #1774424 - [2.5, 2.4] Table to create a bond is not formatted correctly
  • LP: #1774538 - Trying to delete a region/rack that no longer exists, results in {‘pool’: [“Can’t assign to a resource pool.”]}
  • LP: #1775099 - [UI] MAAS Configuration | Name allows for unescaped quote
  • LP: #1622105 - [2.1b2] Infinite recursion observed while toggling interface state
  • LP: #1740442 - [2.2+] MD raid doesn’t install grub on both disks
  • LP: #1773698 - observer-mdns fails on unicode issue
  • LP: #1776604 - default DNS IP for node from unexpected interface (not always first interface or same network)
  • LP: #1779712 - [enhancement] maas-proxy port should be configurable
  • LP: #1781275 - fio does not report metrics when run on bionic
  • LP: #1784464 - Not all uploaded DD images deployable
  • LP: #1785721 - [2.4, 2.5] Cannot delete a resource-pool using its name
  • LP: #1746760 - feature: MAAS to collect curtin error_tarfile in post_files curtin config
  • LP: #1770538 - [UI] Unable to read estimated commissiong or testing script time
  • LP: #1772679 - builtins.ValueError: too many values to unpack (expected 3)
  • LP: #1773387 - [2.5, 2.4, UI] Pod ‘Configuration’ formatting for ‘Type’ doesn’t match
  • LP: #1778710 - [2.3] Allow telling MAAS image import to not use proxy.
  • LP: #1786526 - [2.3, 2.4, 2.5] On fresh install, maas_proxy_port was not set in squid config
  • LP: #1696771 - [snap] Preseeds are not ‘common’ that would allow the user to configure them
  • LP: #1774024 - [2.5] Top-level navigation for ‘Pools’ should be moved to ‘Machines’ tab
  • LP: #1774495 - [2.5] Clicking on Zero of 15 ready for the default pools filters to undefined

Known issues and work arounds

It has been reported that after the upgrade from older version, the built-in MAAS proxy port was not set. For more information please refer to

While we are working to address the issue, you can resolve it by manually setting the port:

maas < user > maas set-config name=maas_proxy_port value=8000

Happy testing!