LXD project different architectures?


I require some arm64 and powerpc machines. For this I setup a machine running qemu/kvm which would be able to emulate this architectures.

Because virsh is more/less deprecated I gaved up using this (could not get it running) and activated LXD.

But now in maas only amd64 platform is offered for this host. Is there a way using qemu with lxd for running different architectures?

Or is there no way (even with virsh) using the full emulation possibilities of qemu with maas?


Hi @elektritter ,

LXD does virtualization, not emulation. Being more specific, it runs qemu with -cpu host so no emulation available (at least up to my knowledge).

Regarding virsh, you should be able to configure it I think (but I haven’t tried actually)

Ok, thanks.

Hm. virsh I got not running (avoided connection whatever I tried). I will try again later.

Hm. Adding virsh host isn’t possible anymore from UI… So it is deprecated…

You can with the CLI. Since MAAS 3.1 it is soft-deprecated but it is still supposed to work. However If something is not in the UI it does not mean that it is deprecated, there are many other features available only in the CLI for example :slight_smile:

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