LXD KVM adding existing external host on 2.9 RC3

I’m having a go at adding LXD hosts as KVM pods. It’s not quite clear in the docs, but it seems to say that the LXD host you want to add must already be ‘known to MAAS as a machine or controller’.
Manually adding a machine here didn’t help, presumably as the machine is in state ‘New’ when added.
So, If I simply deploy a MAAS rack controller to this host that’d enable it to be added as an LXD KVM host?

You can add any host as an LXD VM host. Simply click on the KVM tab then Add KVM. The new host will be added as a machine in a ready state. The machine will have most of its commissioning information but networking, storage, and BMC configuration will be missing.

MAAS does not yet support deploying an LXD VM host like it does with virsh.

Thanks for the reply Lee.

I need to check the LXD config of the hosts I’ve been trying to add then, as I get
"Error:Failed talking to pod: Pod None: Failed to connect to the LXD REST API." when I try to add either of them. I had presumed having them listening on a bridged network device, having a password set, and severing the LXD service connection to the MAAS API would be enough to satisfy the requirements but I’ll check over the configs in more detail. Possibly these servers are on a different subnet/VLAN within the same fabric, which is easily corrected.