Looking for people running HPC clusters to discuss features/new whitepaper

Hi all,

I’m looking for anybody running HPC clusters who would be willing to spend 30-60 mins with me on a call so I can understand how you’ve setup your cluster, and if you’ve used MAAS then how is it setup.

I’m going to write a whitepaper on EPA (Enhanced Platform Awareness) which is about how to automate tagging based on hardware configuration, and how and why that is valuable or interesting. HPC I think is one area where this should be of interest but I’d like to validate that assumption.

Even if you know someone that might be willing to discuss with me (even if not a MAAS user), would be great.


Hi Anton,

My setup is more for Lab but I did create python to access the MAAS API to auto setup the baremetal, then auto create KVMs that simulate compute/storage while at the same time running LXD Machine containers on the baremetal.

I also got LXD GPU passthrough to work for CUDA using minimal packages and drivers, that took a day or two to figure out.